The Bonded Series

It has been ten years since a fifteen-year-old Avery West escaped the torturous nightmare she endured at the hands of her captor. But there was no escaping the memory of the night she gained her freedom. A night that often blurred the lines making it hard to know what was real. Especially when the man in her dreams is the only one who makes her feel safe.

A man who’s face she has never seen.

That is until the night fate steps in.

While at a nightclub in Vegas with her best friend, Avery encounters Lucian Thorne, a man who seems familiar to her. A man she wanted the moment she looked into his eyes. But can she ignore that small voice that is telling her to run far away from him.

It has been three years since Lucian Thorne loss his wife and child in a automobile accident. Now that he has found love again with Avery West, his world seems complete.

However, when someone from his past makes allegations surrounding the death of his family, the suspicion falls on Lucian. When Avery begins to suspect that there is more at stake her life is put in jeopardy.

Heartbroken, Avery makes a decision she knows Lucian will view as a betrayal. She also knows that she is taking the coward’s way out. But she could never look Lucian in the eyes and tell him she’s leaving him. Tell him that it’s for the best. Tell him how he will always be her lighthouse.

She believes that as long as they are together, he is in far more danger than she is. And she can’t have him crashing against the tide trying to save her.

Please don’t try to find me. Let me love you enough to let you go.