Tainted Bond


Tainted Bond is book one in The Bonded Series. This paperback is signed by the author and has the old book cover.

It has been ten years since a fifteen-year-old Avery West escaped the torturous nightmare she endured at the hands of her captor. But there was no escaping the memory of the night she gained her freedom. A night that often blurred the lines making it hard to know what was real. Especially when the man in her dreams is the only one who makes her feel safe. A man who’s face she has never seen.

That is until the night fate steps in.

While at a nightclub in Vegas with her best friend, Avery encounters Lucian Thorne, a man who seems familiar to her. A man she wanted the moment she looked into his eyes. But can she ignore that small voice that is telling her to run far away from him.


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